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Canal Digital (Sverige) - Channel and Frequency list

Canal Digital Norge


Thor 5, Thor 6 and Thor 7 at 1º West

Channel List

Canal Digital HD channel list

  1. 1
    SVT1 HD
  2. 2
    SVT2 HD
  3. 3
    TV3 HD (S)
  4. 4
    TV4 HD
  5. 5
    Kanal 5 HD (S)
  6. ...

Frequency List

Canal Digital frequencies at satellites Thor 5, Thor 6 and Thor 7:

on transponder
In regular: SD channels • In bold: HD channels
In black: encrypted channelsIn green: FTA channels
SR (KS/s)
and FEC
Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
Nordic (Thor 6)10778 HC More Stars HD, Eurosport 2 HD (S), C More Live 2 HD, C More Live 3 HD, C More Live 4 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41028 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10778 VKanal 5 HD (S), Kanal 9 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41028 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10809 HEurosport HD (S), ESportsTV HD, CNBC, Deutsche Welle (English)DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41059 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10809 VTV3 Sport HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41059 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10841 HC More Hockey HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41091 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10872 VAnimal Planet HD, C More Fotboll HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41122 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10903 HFOX (S), Sportkanalen HD, BloombergDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41153 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10903 VSVT1 HD, SVT2 HD, TV12 HD, SVTB/SVT24 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41153 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10934 HTV4 HD, C More First HD, C More Series HD, C More Hits HD, C More Sport HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41184 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11216 VKanal 11DVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81466 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11247 VSjuan, TV4 Fakta, TV8, TV4 Film, TV4 GuldDVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81497 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11261 HID Investigation Discovery (S), Discovery HD (S), TLC Sverige HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41511 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11293 HTV3 HD (S), Nat Geo HD (S/F)DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41543 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11309 VTV6 HD (S), Horse & Country TV, SF KanalenDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41559 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11325 HTravel Channel HD, Discovery Science, Discovery World, Disney Channel (S/F), Disney XD (S/F), Disney JuniorDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41575 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11341 VComedy Central (S), BBC BRIT HD, MTV, Vh1, VH1 Classic, Nickelodeon (S), Nick Jr., NickToons, Motorsport TVDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41591 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11357 HTrace Urban HDDVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81607 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11372 VKunskapskanalen HD, C More Live HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41622 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11403 VTNT Sverige, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN International, BBC World NewsDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41653 MHz L
Europe (Thor 5)12015 HNat Geo Wild HD, HISTORY HD (S), H2 HD, BBC Earth HDDVB-S2 8PSK 30000 3/41415 MHz H
Europe (Thor 5)12418 VSky News, AlJazeera English, France 24DVB-S QPSK 28000 7/81818 MHz H
CEE (Thor 7)12476 HC More Golf HDDVB-S2 8PSK 30000 2/31876 MHz H



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