Television Satelllite Channels

BulgariaSat-1 1.9° E Coverage Maps

The following satellite footprints information is intended as a general reference only.
To see the theoretical coverage for each beam : Europe | Balkan

Zone de couverture BulgariaSat-1 Europe Beam
Europe Beam
Zone de couverture BulgariaSat-1 Balkan Beam
Balkan Beam

EIRP Diameter  (according to Eutelsat) Diameter  (according to satlex.de)
52 dBW70 cm50 cm
50 dBW60 cm
48 dBW75 cm



3 years ago
Thanks for your information about Bulgaria sat. I am in Oman. Is it possible to get the Bulgaria-Sat@1.9 signal in my aerial. Thanks for your cooperation. Regards Abdullah Ali
3 years ago
First of all, BulgariaSat is a satellite, you need a satellite dish antenna. In Oman either NO SIGNAL at all or very WEAK SIGNAL (big dish needed).
3 years ago
is it possible to receive this satellite in theran (iran) what size dish do i need ?

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