Television Satelllite Channels

Astra 1KR, 1L, 1N, 1M (satellites co-located at 19.2° E) coverage maps

The following satellite footprints information is intended as a general reference only.
To see the theoretical coverage for each beam : Astra 1KR | Astra 1L | Astra 1N | Astra 1M Europe | Astra 1M Wide

Coverage area Astra 1KR
Astra 1KR
Coverage area Astra 1L
Astra 1L
Coverage area Astra 1L
Astra 1N
Coverage area Astra 1M Europe
Astra 1M Europe
Coverage area Astra 1M Wide
Astra 1M Wide

PIRE (EIRP)Diamètre
51 dBW60 cm
49 dBW75 cm
47 dBW90 cm
45 dBW120 cm



4 years ago
Nkafu Cliffort
i just what to ask that is enter small dish of 60cm?
4 years ago
Yes in Western Europe and Central Europe.
10 months ago
can I get this satellite in Nigeria with 90cm dish
10 months ago
No, you can't.
4 months ago
hi, have a german friend who lives some 10 miles from my village in Vilhelmina, Lapland, Sweden. He uses a 100cm parabbol and a satelite receiver shopped from Germany and gets Astra satelite. Not sure if its Astra 19.2. He has parabol garden, about 12 feet mast. Can i do the same. Vilhelmina is 64° 37' 27" N / 16° 39' 22" E
4 months ago
Yes, you can. German channels are on Astra 19.2° East : • German public national FTA channelsGerman private FTA channelsAstra 19.2° East
2 months ago
Hi, I am in Cyprus, Peyia 34°52'37.9"N 32°22'27.7"E - could you please let me know if I can get Astra KR/L/M/ME/N with a 150cm satellite dish? Many thanks in advance for any help.
4 weeks ago
Hi my neighbour is using the Astra 2e which transponder is Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as currently getting UK wide
5 days ago
I am a satellite enthusiast looking into TV reception around northern Scandinavia as I was thinking about moving to those parts of Europe - I was just wondering if any channels on Astra 19.2E (particularly those on Astra 1KR and 1L) are receivable in Kirkenes, Norway with a 120 - 180cm dish, as well as the reception that you would expect there in the different seasons, the reason why I am asking these questions is because on the official map, Kirkenes is right on the edge of the footprint for Astra 1KR and 1L satellites. The rough co-ordinates for this query would be 69°43'37.2"N 30°03'03.6"E Hope that the response to this enquiry will gather some useful research material for those looking to move to Northern Norway as information around satellite reception there is limited.

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