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Astra 28.2º East
Astra 2E : UK Spotbeam and Europe Beam
Astra 2F : UK Spotbeam and Europe Beam
Astra 2G : UK Spotbeam and Europe Beam

Channel and frequency list

and Beam
Channels on transponder
• FTA channels are in green ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
• Encrypted channels are in black ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
TP Parameters
SR (kS/s)
and FEC

IF Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
Height (10.6 GHz)
1Astra 2E UK10714 HChannel 4, More4 +1, Film4, Film4 +1, 4MusicDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
964 MHz L
2Astra 2E UK10729 VChannel 4 +1, E4, E4+1, More4DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
979 MHz L
22000 5/6
1008 MHz L
4Astra 2E UK10773 HBBC One Lon, BBC Two Eng, BBC Four, CBeebies, BBC One CI, BBC One East W, BBC One West, BBC RB1DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1023 MHz L
5Astra 2E UK10788 VBBC Parliament, BBC One E Mid, BBC One East E, BBC One W Mid, BBC One Wales, BBC One Yk&Li, BBC Two WalesDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1038 MHz L
6Astra 2E UK10803 HBBC ALBA, BBC One N West, BBC One NE&C, BBC One S East, BBC One Scot, BBC One Yorks, BBC Two ScotDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1053 MHz L
7Astra 2E UK10818 VBBC NEWS, CBBC, BBC One NI, BBC One Oxford, BBC One South, BBC One S West, BBC Two NIDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1068 MHz L
8Astra 2E UK10847 VBBC Two HD, BBC One HD, CBBC HD, BBC One NI HDDVB-S2 8PSK
23000 2/3
1097 MHz L
9Astra 2E UK10891 HITV +1, ITV2+1, ITVBe+1DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1141 MHz L
10Astra 2E UK10906 VITV3, ITV3+1DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1156 MHz L
11Astra 2G UK10964 HChannel 5HD, Channel 5+1, 5 USA, 5 USA +1, 5STAR, 5STAR +1, My5, 5SpikeDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1214 MHz L
12Astra 2G UK11023 HBBC Four HD, BBC NEWS HD, CBeebies HD, BBC One ScotHD, BBC One Wal HDDVB-S2 8PSK
23000 2/3
1273 MHz L
13Astra 2G EU11082 HBLAZE, Al Jazeera Eng, Bloomberg, Keep It Country, Inspiration TV, Jewelry Maker, TJC ChoiceDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1332 MHz L
14Astra 2G UK11097 VITV HDDVB-S2 8PSK
23000 3/4
1347 MHz L
15Astra 2G UK11127 VChannel 4 HD, 4sevenDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1377 MHz L
16Astra 2G EU11141 HBET:BlackEntTvDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1391 MHz L
17Astra 2G EU11171 Hmovies4men, mov4men+1DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1421 MHz L
18Astra 2G EU11224 HFrontRunnerDVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1474 MHz L
19Astra 2G EU11224 VRT HD, NHK World HD, Arirang TV HDDVB-S2 8PSK
23000 2/3
1474 MHz L
20Astra 2G EU11265 Vrevelation, GOD ChannelDVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1515 MHz L
21Astra 2F UK11307 HS4C HD, Motorsport TVDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1557 MHz L
22Astra 2F UK11307 VTrue Ent, True Ent +1, tru TV, True Christmas, TrueChrstms+1, Chart Show TV, The Vault, Scuzz, Starz TV, POP, POP Max, Tiny Pop, POP+1, Tiny Pop +1DVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1557 MHz L
23Astra 2F UK11344 VCBS Drama, CBS Reality, CBS Reality+1, CBS Action, horror channel, horror ch+1DVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1594 MHz L
24Astra 2E UK11426 VTrue Crime, Food Network, Food Netwrk+1, PBS America, YourTV, FRANCE Eng, Magic, Gems TV, Craft Extra, BabenationDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1676 MHz L
25Astra 2G EU11464 HCGTNDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1714 MHz L
26Astra 2G EU11479 VCNBCDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1729 MHz L
27Astra 2G EU11493 HQVC Beauty, QVC Xmas, QVC StyleDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1743 MHz L
28Astra 2G EU11537 VTalkingPicturesDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1787 MHz L
29Astra 2G EU11553 HHeart TV, CAPITAL TV, Rocks & Co, High Street TV, HochandaDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1803 MHz L
30Astra 2G EU11568 VTravel Channel, JML Direct, Best DirectDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1818 MHz L
31Astra 2G EU11596 VTravel Ch +1, Showcase, Channels 24, Vintage TV, SonLife, TJC, Ideal Extra, Ideal World, Create & CraftDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1846 MHz L
32Astra 2G EU11671 HCNNDVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1921 MHz L
1071 MHz H
23000 2/3
1936 MHz L
1086 MHz H
34Astra 2E EU11836 HChallenge, Challenge+1, Forces TVDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1236 MHz H
35Astra 2E EU11895 VVIVADVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1295 MHz H
36Astra 2E EU11954 HQVCDVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1354 MHz H
37Astra 2E UK12129 VDave, Drama, YESTERDAY, Really, HomeDVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1529 MHz H
38Astra 2F EU12207 VPick, Pick+1, Community, Sky NewsDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1607 MHz H
39Astra 2E UK12304 HKISS, MagicDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1704 MHz H
40Astra 2E UK12382 HQUEST, QUEST+1, Quest Red, Quest Red+1DVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1782 MHz H



2 months ago
All4 and 4HD leave Freesat We’re sorry to announce that All4 and 4HD will be leaving Freesat on Thursday 22nd February, 2018. We remain committed to bringing Freesat customers the very best content and hope to see the channels return soon. When are they leaving? C4 HD and All4 will be removed on Thursday 22nd February. What about other Channel 4 channels? Channel 4 SD, E4, More 4, 4seven and Film 4 are unaffected by the changes and remain available to watch as usual via the TV guide. How do I reset my recordings from 4HD to 4SD? You will need to manually reset any recordings on Channel 4 SD from 104 (120 in Wales) in the TV guide. Can I still watch old recordings from 4HD? Yes you can. All recordings set before February 22nd will remain saved to your hard drive.

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