Television Satelllite Channels

TP 11900 H — Satellite Hot Bird 13B 13.0° East

   Frequency: 11900 MHz
Polarisation: Horizontal
 Symbol Rate: 29900 kS/s
         FEC: 3/4
    Standard: DVB-S2
  Modulation: 8PSK

ONID:   64511 (decimal)
ONID: 0xFBFF (hexadecimal)
 TID: 5900

Universal LNB

Ku-band frequency: 11900 MHz
               IF:  1300 MHz
             Mode: High Horizontal
 Local Oscillator: 10600 MHz
 IF (Intermediate Frequency)
950 MHz ≤ 1300 MHz ≤ 2150 MHz
             Mode: Low Horizontal
 Local Oscillator:  9750 MHz
               IF:  2150 MHz

Satellite: Hot Bird 13B 13.0° EBeam: 13B Ku-band Widebeam
$ encrypted channels on 11900 H 29900
On Board Sky HD
Sky Sport F1 HD
ON Board Mix HD
Sky Sport MotoGP HD
Onboard Leader SD F1
FEED Tempi
Inter TV
Race Control HD Fake
Torino Channel



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