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Al Kass Sports

Al Kass Sports قنوات الكأس الرياضية

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نايل سات Nilesat 7º West
···· 11919 H DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4
عربسات بدر Arabsat Badr 26º East
···· 12245 V DVB-S2 QPSK 27500 5/6
···· 12417 H DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 5/6
Frequency, polarisation, modulation, SR, FEC

Frequency List

Channel Transponder and identification
on green free-to-air channels [FTA]
Nilesat 7º West Arabsat Badr 26º East
Al Kass 1 11919 H Alkass one HD [FTA]12245 V Alkass one HD [FTA]
Al Kass 2 11919 H Alkass two HD [FTA] 12245 V Alkass two HD [FTA]
Al Kass 3 11919 H Alkass three HD 12245 V Alkass three HD
Al Kass 4 11919 H Alkass four HD [FTA]  
Al Kass 5  12417 H Alkass five HD [FTA]
Al Kass 6  12417 H Alkass six HD
Al Kass 7  12417 H Alkass seven HD
Al Kass 8  12417 H Alkass eight HD



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