Television Satelllite Channels

Astra 2E, 2F, 2G (satellites co-located at 28.2° E) coverage maps

The following satellite footprints information is intended as a general reference only.
To see the theoretical coverage for each beam : UK-Spotbeam | Astra 2E Europe | Astra 2F Europe | Astra 2G Europe

UK-Spotbeam Astra 2E/2F/2G 28.2° East
Europe beam Astra 2E 28.2° East
Astra 2E Europe
Europe beam Astra 2F 28.2° East
Astra 2F Europe
Europe beam Astra 2G 28.2° East
Astra 2G Europe

PIRE (EIRP)Diamètre
51 dBW60 cm
49 dBW75 cm
47 dBW90 cm
45 dBW120 cm



9 months ago
Mike Shaw
[Comment moved from Freesat Astra 28.2ºE] dear Webmaster, we will be for some time about 100 miles east of Hamburg. Might there be any problems in reception with our Humax? cheers
8 months ago
You can perfectly receive channels that are broadcast on Europe beams frequencies. As for those on UK-Spotbeam frequencies, if it was possible you would need a big dish. Astra 2E/2F/2G UK-Spotbeam approximate reception map for Germany: Astra 28.2°E UK-Spotbeam in Germany. Detail. • Source: Receive British TV channels in Germany
8 months ago
[Comment moved from Sky UK Astra 28.2ºE] Hi, I am moving to eastern Czech republic, town is Třinec. What size dish do I need for Sky HD channels? Which Astra sat should I tune my dish to? Many thanks.
8 months ago
According to the above maps in Estern Czech Republic: • You can receive European beams frequencies with, for example, 85 cm. • You can't receive UK-Spotbeam frequencies (no signal at all) or the signal is weak and you need a very big dish (maybe something over 300 cm).
Which Astra sat should I tune my dish to?
To Astra 2E / Astra 2F/ Astra 2G 28.2°E, the three satellites are colocated at 28.2°E. Dish setup angles in Třinec (Czech Republic): ··· Magnetic azimuth » 162° ··· Elevation » 35° ··· LNB skew » -1°
5 months ago
Dear Sir/Madan I am from the UK and live in Brussels right now. I wish to watch Astra, Freesat and possibly Sky channels. Can you please tell me what size of satellite dish do I need? Many people say 60cm, some say 80cm and one website says 100cm. And then others say that a flat rectangular dish from selfsat will do the job, but that just replaces a 60cm dish. Your advice would be much appreciated.
5 months ago
In Brussels signals (UK-Spotbeam and European beams) are very strong, as indicated on the above official coverage maps, so 60 cm is enough to receive all Astra 2E / 2F / 2G 28.2° East transponders in Brussels. Of course the larger the dish, the greater the margin, in particular for heavy rain fade compensation.
5 months ago
Arvid Kristiansen
I am i Bergen, Norway. I can get Astra 2G god, how do I get 2E?
5 months ago
Astra 2G has a UK-Spotbeam and a Europe beam. Do you pick up both, Astra 2G UK-Spotbeam and Astra 2G Europe beam frequencies? How big is your dish antenna? To give you an overall idea: • According to the above official map a dish from 80 cm would be good in Bergen (Norway) to pick up Astra 2E Europe beam. • According to the above reception reports map a dish from 120 cm would be enough in Bergen (Norway) to pick up Astra 2E UK-Spotbeam
5 months ago
Good evening. I am trying to set up access to the UK FreeSat channels from our home in the Pyrenees in France (Bagneres de Luchon). I am hoping a 1.2m dish will be big enough? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
5 months ago
Hi I live in northwestern Bulgaria and want to access UK channels via astra can you tell me what size dish I need and what astra I need to angle the dish to please many thanks
2 weeks ago
I guess that if I want to see BBC and other English stations in France I need an English smart card??
2 weeks ago
Where are you in France? BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Five UK channels are free on satellite Astra 2 28.2° East, you don't need any English smart card. • Satellites Astra 2E 2F 2G 28.2° East. Frequencies and Channels.BBC BBC FTA satellite channelsITV ITV FTA satellite channelsChannel Four Channel 4 FTA satellite channelsFive Five FTA satellite channelsFreesat on Astra 28.2° East

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