Television Satelllite Channels

Astra 2E, 2F, 2G (satellites co-located at 28.2° E) coverage maps

The following satellite footprints information is intended as a general reference only.
To see the theoretical coverage for each beam : UK-Spotbeam | Astra 2E Europe | Astra 2F Europe | Astra 2G Europe

UK-Spotbeam Astra 2E/2F/2G 28.2° East
Europe beam Astra 2E 28.2° East
Astra 2E Europe
Europe beam Astra 2F 28.2° East
Astra 2F Europe
Europe beam Astra 2G 28.2° East
Astra 2G Europe

PIRE (EIRP)Diamètre
51 dBW60 cm
49 dBW75 cm
47 dBW90 cm
45 dBW120 cm



4 years ago
Mike Shaw
[Comment moved from Freesat Astra 28.2ºE] dear Webmaster, we will be for some time about 100 miles east of Hamburg. Might there be any problems in reception with our Humax? cheers
4 years ago
You can perfectly receive channels that are broadcast on Europe beams frequencies. As for those on UK-Spotbeam frequencies, if it was possible you would need a big dish. Astra 2E/2F/2G UK-Spotbeam approximate reception map for Germany: Astra 28.2°E UK-Spotbeam in Germany. Detail. • Source: Receive British TV channels in Germany
4 years ago
[Comment moved from Sky UK Astra 28.2ºE] Hi, I am moving to eastern Czech republic, town is Třinec. What size dish do I need for Sky HD channels? Which Astra sat should I tune my dish to? Many thanks.
4 years ago
According to the above maps in Estern Czech Republic: • You can receive European beams frequencies with, for example, 85 cm. • You can't receive UK-Spotbeam frequencies (no signal at all) or the signal is weak and you need a very big dish (maybe something over 300 cm).
Which Astra sat should I tune my dish to?
To Astra 2E / Astra 2F/ Astra 2G 28.2°E, the three satellites are colocated at 28.2°E. Dish setup angles in Třinec (Czech Republic): ··· Magnetic azimuth » 162° ··· Elevation » 35° ··· LNB skew » -1°
4 years ago
Dear Sir/Madan I am from the UK and live in Brussels right now. I wish to watch Astra, Freesat and possibly Sky channels. Can you please tell me what size of satellite dish do I need? Many people say 60cm, some say 80cm and one website says 100cm. And then others say that a flat rectangular dish from selfsat will do the job, but that just replaces a 60cm dish. Your advice would be much appreciated.
4 years ago
In Brussels signals (UK-Spotbeam and European beams) are very strong, as indicated on the above official coverage maps, so 60 cm is enough to receive all Astra 2E / 2F / 2G 28.2° East transponders in Brussels. Of course the larger the dish, the greater the margin, in particular for heavy rain fade compensation.
4 years ago
Arvid Kristiansen
I am i Bergen, Norway. I can get Astra 2G god, how do I get 2E?
4 years ago
Astra 2G has a UK-Spotbeam and a Europe beam. Do you pick up both, Astra 2G UK-Spotbeam and Astra 2G Europe beam frequencies? How big is your dish antenna? To give you an overall idea: • According to the above official map a dish from 80 cm would be good in Bergen (Norway) to pick up Astra 2E Europe beam. • According to the above reception reports map a dish from 120 cm would be enough in Bergen (Norway) to pick up Astra 2E UK-Spotbeam
3 years ago
Good evening. I am trying to set up access to the UK FreeSat channels from our home in the Pyrenees in France (Bagneres de Luchon). I am hoping a 1.2m dish will be big enough? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
3 years ago
Hi I live in northwestern Bulgaria and want to access UK channels via astra can you tell me what size dish I need and what astra I need to angle the dish to please many thanks
3 years ago
I guess that if I want to see BBC and other English stations in France I need an English smart card??
3 years ago
Where are you in France? BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Five UK channels are free on satellite Astra 2 28.2° East, you don't need any English smart card. • Satellites Astra 2E 2F 2G 28.2° East. Frequencies and Channels.BBC BBC FTA satellite channelsITV ITV FTA satellite channelsChannel Four Channel 4 FTA satellite channelsFive Five FTA satellite channelsFreesat on Astra 28.2° East
3 years ago
I’m from Africa Ghana. Wish size of dish would i use for astra UK channels
3 years ago
mike in france
Hi Craig. We are down near Salies-du-Salat. Been here since 2005 and have worked my way up from 60cm -90cm and now use 120cm dish. Just this last week lost most of the channels we usually lose some in the summer but they return in the Autumn. However this seems different. I dont seem to be able to get a sniff of a signal now. Did you get sorted and have you lost any signals?
3 years ago
Not even picking up the European beams transponders with 120 cm dish there?
3 years ago
Hi, I’m living near Saint Girons, Ariege, France. I have a 150 cm dish and Humax receiver. Last month, May ‘21, lost all BBC and ITV television channels, and also BBC radio 4. Any suggestions why this has occurred and what I can do to correct it? Many thanks in advance.
3 years ago
Hi, what dish size is recommended to receive this satellite in Jizan Region in Saudia Arabia?
1 year ago
Ray in France
Hi, I'm living near Paris and I've had a satellite system that has worked for 20+ years, just changed the box for a Freesat and the dish. Can't seem to get the dish alignment despite having the recommended elevation, azimuth and skew. I'm seeing different frequencies, TP and polarisation for different channels but what can I set my satellite finder to ?
1 year ago
Hi, I live in a forrest Scandinavia (between Gothenburg & Oslo) and have a cheap 2nd hand Chinese 245cm C-band dish mounted on a 5 ton rock and can receive the UK-Spot beam with all BBC HD channels and Channel 5 HD, Channel 4 only in sd. I could receive channel 4HD (on the 28G sat) but then I could not receive the BBC HD channels properly. I have a s/n quality of 62% on the BBC 1,2,3,4 HD channels and a bit of a rain margin. I use a DUR-Line UK124 3L dCSS LNB (handy for alining the dish on 1 of the 3 L outputs) and a AB cryptbox 752HD combo receiver. All works fine here!

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