Television Satelllite Channels

Amos 3 and Amos 7 (satellites co-located at 4° W) Coverage Maps

The following satellite footprints information is intended as a general reference only.
To see the theoretical coverage for each beam : Amos 3 EU (Europe) | Amos 7 CEE (Central Eeastern Europe) | Amos 3 ME (Middle East) | Amos 7 ME (Middle East) | Amos 7 PE (Pan European)

Amos 3 Europe coverage beam
Amos 3 EU
Amos 7 CEE coverage beam
Amos 7 CEE
Amos 3 Middle East coverage beam
Amos 3 Middle East
Amos 7 Middle East  coverage beam
Amos 7 Middle East
Amos 7 Pan European coverage beam
Amos 7 Pan European

EIRP Diameter  (according to Eutelsat) Diameter  (according to satlex.de)
53 dBW 70 cm50 cm
52 dBW
51 dBW55 cm
50 dBW60 cm
48 dBW75 cm
46 dBW90 cm80 cm
44 dBW120 cm90 cm
42 dBW150 cm110 cm
40 dBW180 cm120 cm



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