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Hot Bird
13º East

TGN Thai TV Global Network — ไทยทีวีโกลบอลเน็ตเวิร์ค logoTGN Thai TV Global Network — ไทยทีวีโกลบอลเน็ตเวิร์ค

International Thai television channel by Royal Thai Army.

Thailand Flagge
New frequency since 5/08/2020
Thai TV Global Network
Hot Bird 13B
12322 H
27500 3/4
Thai TV Global Network
97° O
Galaxy 19
11960 V
22000 5/6

DMC Dhamma Media Channel — กฎแห่งกรรม การนั่งสมาธิ สันติภาพ พระพุทธเจ้า logoDMC Dhamma Media Channel — กฎแห่งกรรม การนั่งสมาธิ สันติภาพ พระพุทธเจ้า

Buddhist religious channel owned by the Dhamma Education for Environment Foundation.

Thailand Flagge
Left 07/04/2018
Hot Bird 13B
10949 V
27500 3/4

Hadi TV 2 logoHadi TV 2

Pakistan Flagge
Left 04/10/2016
Hot Bird 13E
12558 V
27500 3/4


2 years ago
Thai Global Network left 10815 H 27500 Hot Bird 13°E. It continues on a new frequency: • 12322 MHz H 27500 kS/s 3/4 DVB-S Hot Bird 13°E (BBC Persian, Ronahi TV, STERK TV, Velayat TV, Thai TV Global Network...) ··· Frequency and polarisation: 12322 MHz Horizontal ··· Symbol Rate and FEC: 27500 kS/s 3/4 ··· Standard and modulation: DVB-S QPSK ··· Satellite: Eutelsat Hot Bird 13° East
2 years ago
Is TGN on Hot Bird 13E or still on Galaxy 19? I live in Columbus, Georgia USA. I have been trying to get TGN on Galaxy 19 97W but I cannot get a signal
2 years ago
America is not covered by Eutelsat Hot Bird 13° East. Can't you get any signal at all from Galaxy 97° West? • 11960 V 22000 Galaxy 19 97° West ··· Satellite: Galaxy 19 97° West ··· Frequency and polarisation: 11960 MHz Vertical ··· Symbol Rate and FEC: 22000 kS/s 5/6 ··· Standard and modulation: DVB-S QPSK ··· FTA TV Channels: TV TRWAM... Thai TV Global Network...
1 year ago
I'm not the only one with issues on Galaxy 19 in the US to get Thai channels or any signal at all. I'm in Northeast Pa. Bought new bigger dish, LNB and receiver to replace old one in summer 2020. Even bought 3 semi pro grade sat meter to help with installation. Still haven't been able to get any signal for Galaxy 19 at all. Few other family friends having the same issues, from what I read it's going past it's operating life of 13 years since launch in 2007. Paid $245 for a year subscription to Roku and haven't look back, literally hundreds of local thai channels alone.
1 year ago
Why didn't you call a professional installer?
1 year ago
Hello, A tv aerial and satellite dish installer told me that Thai TV Global Networkn was broadcasted on Hotbird 13°E in english. Is that true ? Do they broadcast in english or in thai? Thanks
1 year ago
Today all the programs we watch are in Thai-language. The channels on 12322 H 27500 Hot Bird 13°E today:
ChannelNominal languageReal language
BBC Persian HDFarsiFarsi
Ronahi TVEnglishKurdish and Arabic
STERK TVEnglishKurdish
Velayat TVNoneFarsi and Arabic
Thai TV Global NetworkEnglishThai
Kalemeh TVFarsiFarsi and Arabic
2 months ago
Just moved from Dorset to Lincoln, increased the disk size to 60cm. Can tune in lots of channels on hotbird but cannot find TGN. Can anyone suggest how to get it, or what the manual settings are for setting the pids. Thanks
2 months ago
thai tv is at 13.0°E Hot Bird 13B 12322.00 H 27500 3/4 on hotbird very good signal

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