Television Satelllite Channels

TP 11200 V — Satellite Hot Bird 13E 13.0° East

   Frequency: 11200 MHz
Polarisation: Vertical
 Symbol Rate: 27500 kS/s
         FEC: 5/6
    Standard: DVB-S
  Modulation: QPSK

ONID:    318 (decimal)
ONID: 0x013E (hexadecimal)
 TID: 13400

Universal LNB

Ku-band frequency: 11200 MHz
               IF:  1450 MHz
             Mode: Low Vertical
 Local Oscillator:  9750 MHz
 IF (Intermediate Frequency)
950 MHz ≤ 1450 MHz ≤ 2150 MHz

Satellite: Hot Bird 13E 13.0° EBeam: 13E Ku-band Widebeam
FTA free-to-air channels on 11200 V 27500


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2 years ago
3rd October 2020 TP off. • Mohabat, MTA3 and KICC TV »»» New transponder 10815 MHz H 27500 (CNL, KICC TV, Mohabat, MTA3 -Alarabia, TBN Russia...) • GUNAZ TV left Hot Bird.

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