Television Satelllite Channels

TP 11804 V — Satellite Eutelsat 9B 9.0° East

   Frequency: 11804 MHz
Polarisation: Vertical
 Symbol Rate: 27500 kS/s
         FEC: 2/3
    Standard: DVB-S2
  Modulation: 8PSK

ONID:     18 (decimal)
ONID: 0x0012 (hexadecimal)
 TID: 101

Universal LNB

Ku-band frequency: 11804 MHz
               IF:  1204 MHz
             Mode: High Vertical
 Local Oscillator: 10600 MHz
 IF (Intermediate Frequency)
950 MHz ≤ 1204 MHz ≤ 2150 MHz
             Mode: Low Vertical
 Local Oscillator:  9750 MHz
               IF:  2054 MHz

Satellite: Eutelsat 9B 9.0° EBeam: Wide
FTA free-to-air channels on 11804 V 27500

Reaper (EPG Video)

Bars & Tone

$ encrypted channels on 11804 V 27500
AFN|prime Atlantic
AFN|prime Pacific
AFN|sports 2

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1 year ago
AFN (American Forces Network)
The AFN Ku-band signal on the Eutelsat 9B satellite carries the AFN Direct to Home service and covers a wide area of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa.

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