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Canal Digital (Sverige) - Channel and Frequency list

Canal Digital Norge


Thor 5, Thor 6 and Thor 7 at 1º West

Channel List

Canal Digital HD channel list

  1. 1
    11216 V
    SVT1 HD
  2. 2
    11216 V
    SVT2 HD
  3. 3
    11293 H
    TV3 HD (S)
  4. 4
    10934 H
    TV4 HD
  5. 5
    10778 V
    Kanal 5 HD (S)
  6. 6
    12111 V
    TV6 HD (S)
  7. 7
    11325 H
    Sjuan HD
  8. ...

Frequency List

Canal Digital frequencies at satellites Thor 5, Thor 6 and Thor 7:

on transponder
In regular: SD channels • In bold: HD channels
In black: encrypted channelsIn green: FTA channels
SR (KS/s)
and FEC
Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
Nordic (Thor 6)10747 VNRK Super / NRK3 HD, NRK1 HD, NRK2 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/4997 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10778 HC More Live 2 HD, C More Live 3 HD, C More Live 4 HD, C More Stars HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41028 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10778 VKanal 5 HD (S), Kanal 5 HD (S) - Text, Kanal 5 HD syntolkning, Kanal 9 HD, Kanal 9 HD - Text, Kanal 9 HD syntolkningDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41028 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10809 HCNBC, DW English, Eurosport 1 HD (S)DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41059 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10809 VViasat Hockey HD (S), Viasat Sport HD, Viasat Sport Premium HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41059 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10841 HC More Hockey HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41091 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10872 HYle TV2 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41122 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10872 VAnimal Planet HD, C More Fotboll HD, Yle TV1 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41122 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10903 HBloomberg, DR1 HD, FOX (S), Sportkanalen HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41153 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10903 VTST1, TST2DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41153 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10934 HC More First HD, C More Hits HD, C More Live 5 HD, C More Series HD, TV4 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41184 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 6)10934 VDR Ramasjang, DR2 HD, Yle Teema & Fem HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41184 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11216 VKunskapskanalen HD, SVT1 HD, SVT1 Norrbotten, SVT1 Västerbotten, SVT1 Västernorrland, SVT2 Gävleborg, SVT2 HD, SVT2 Skåne, SVT2 Småland, SVTB/SVT24 HD, SVTB/SVT24 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41466 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11229 HKanal 11 HD, Kanal 11 HD - Text, Kanal 11 HD syntolkningDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41479 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11247 VHorse & Country TV, SF Kanalen, TV4 Fakta, TV4 Film, TV4 GuldDVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81497 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11261 HDiscovery HD (S), Discovery HD syntolkning, ID Investigation Discovery (S), TLC Sverige HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41511 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11293 HNat Geo HD (S/F), TV3 HD (S)DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41543 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11309 VViasat Film Premiere HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41559 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11325 HDisney Channel (S/F), Disney Junior, Disney XD, MOTORVISION TV HD, Sjuan HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41575 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11341 VBBC BRIT HD, Discovery Science, MTV, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon (S), NickToons, Paramount Network (S), Vh1, VH1 ClassicDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41591 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11357 HGospel Channel Europe, Kanal 10 Norge, Viasat Ultra HD, Vision Sverige, Visjon Norge HDDVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81607 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11372 VC More Golf HD, C More Live HD, TV 2 HD (D)DVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41622 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11389 HViasat Sport ExtraDVB-S QPSK 24500 7/81639 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11403 VBBC World News, Boomerang, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CNN International, Godare, Viasat Series HDDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41653 MHz L
Nordic (Thor 5)11421 HEurosport 2 HD (S/F), SVT1 Dalarna, SVT1 Gävleborg, SVT1 Jämtland, SVT1 Jönköping, SVT1 Örebro, SVT1 Öst, SVT1 Skåne, SVT1 Småland, SVT1 Värmland, SVT1 Väst, SVT2 Dalarna, SVT2 Jämtland, SVT2 Jönköping, SVT2 Norrbotten, SVT2 Örebro, SVT2 Öst, SVT2 Värmland, SVT2 Väst, SVT2 Västerbotten, SVT2 VästernorrlandDVB-S2 8PSK 25000 3/41671 MHz L
Europe (Thor 5)12015 HBBC Earth HD, HISTORY 2 HD, HISTORY HD (S), Nat Geo Wild HD, Viasat Motor HDDVB-S2 8PSK 30000 3/41415 MHz H
(Thor 6)12111 VTV6 HD (S), Viasat Fotboll HD (S)DVB-S2 8PSK 30000 2/31511 MHz H
CEE (Thor 7)12360 HTest 9006DVB-S2 8PSK 30000 3/41760 MHz H
Europe (Thor 5)12418 VAlJazeera English, CGTN, CGTN Documentary, Sky NewsDVB-S QPSK 28000 7/81818 MHz H
(Thor 7)12437 HTV10 HD, TV12 HD, TV8 HDDVB-S2 8PSK 30000 2/31837 MHz H
CEE (Thor 7)12476 HViasat Film Action HD, Viasat Film Family, Viasat Film Hits HDDVB-S2 8PSK 30000 2/31876 MHz H



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