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Kabelio on satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13º East


Eutelsat Hot Bird 13º East




Channel List

Kabelio channel list

Frequency List

Kabelio frequencies on satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13° East:

    Satellite   TP
Channels on transponder
• FTA channels are in green ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
• Encrypted channels are in black ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
TP Parameters
SR (kS/s)
and FEC

IF Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
Hot Bird 13E10853 HKabelio RSI LA 1, Kabelio RSI LA 2, Kabelio RTS Deux, Kabelio RTS Un, Kabelio SRF 1, Kabelio SRF info, Kabelio SRF zweiDVB-S2 QPSK
27000 2/3
1103 MHz L
Hot Bird 13B10971 HRTS Deux HD, RTS Un HD, SRF 1 HD, SRF zwei HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29700 2/3
1221 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11096 HKabelio 3+, Kabelio 4+, Kabelio 5+, Kabelio 6+, Kabelio BBC One, Kabelio BBC Two, Kabelio Canale 5, Kabelio Das Erste, Kabelio itv, Kabelio KabelEins CH, Kabelio M6 Suisse, Kabelio ORF 1, Kabelio ORF 2, Kabelio ProSieben CH, Kabelio Puls acht, Kabelio RTL CH, Kabelio RTLzwei CH, Kabelio S1, Kabelio SAT.1 CH, Kabelio TeleZueri, Kabelio TF1 Suisse, Kabelio TV24, Kabelio TV25, Kabelio VOX CH, Kabelio ZDFDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/4
1346 MHz L
Hot Bird 13C11526 HRSI LA 1 HD, RSI LA 2 HD, SRF info HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29700 2/3
1776 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11681 HArte HD, France 2 HDDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1931 MHz L
1081 MHz H



4 weeks ago
24 September 2020 Kabelio, new Swiss satellite platform on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13° East.
2 weeks ago
Hi, We need to know how to subscribe to your channels broadcasted at Hot bird horizontal freq. 11096 ? How can we subscribe and pay ? Do you ship cards internationally ? Looking forward your feedback …
6 days ago
15 October 2020 New transponder • 10853 MHz H 27000 ··· Frequency and Polarisation: 10853 MHz Horizontal ··· Symbol Rate and FEC: 27500 kS/s 2/3 ··· Standard and modulation: DVB-S2 QPSK Channels: $ Kabelio SRF 1, $ Kabelio SRF zwei, $ Kabelio SRF info, $ Kabelio RSI LA 1, $ Kabelio RSI LA 2, $ Kabelio RTS Un and $ Kabelio RTS Deux.

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