Television Satelllite Channels

TP 12188 H MIS — Satellite Astra 4A 4.8° East

Multistream ≡ MIS ≡ Multi Input Stream TRANSPONDER

   Frequency: 12188 MHz
Polarisation: Horizontal
 Symbol Rate: 30000 kS/s
         FEC: 5/6
    Standard: DVB-S2
  Modulation: 8PSK

Without PLS, that is:
PLS  Root: 1
PLS Combo: 1


Universal LNB

Ku-band frequency: 12188 MHz
               IF:  1588 MHz
             Mode: High Horizontal
 Local Oscillator: 10600 MHz
 IF (Intermediate Frequency)
950 MHz ≤ 1588 MHz ≤ 2150 MHz

Satellite: Astra 4A 4.8° EBeam: Europe Ku-band
Stream 10

Stream 20
Новий канал
5 канал

T2-MI (T2 Modulator Interface) compatibility needed.



4 years ago
I am an Italian living in the UK. I have a Tivusat Humax receiver complete with registered card on Hot Bird 13.0E. My wife is ukrainan and in order to see the ukrainan channels, the dish points also to Sirius but two channels my wife is interested STB and Novy Channel are not available and the installer told that it is not possible as these channel have a different modulation of 8PSK up to FEC 30000 that is not available in Humax and he has not any box to be able to get this modulation in combination with the Tivusat. Is there any solution / decoder that I could find to solve the issue ? Which type of decoder would be possible to use to get this modulation ?
4 years ago
Can you better explain what should I do? Either if I can set my Humax tivusat box or if should I buy a new box for Sirius (Astra 4A) to see those channels STB and Novy Channel ?
4 years ago
You need a satellite receiver compatible with Multistream T2-MI. This satellite transponder, 12188 H, and 12341 H are used to feed Ukrainian terrestrial transmitters. The Humax Tivùsat box is an official satellite receiver, so it does not include T2-MI implementation, because this technology is not DTH (direct-to-home).
4 years ago
I found only the receiver Apebox C2 4K UHD Combo Sat Kabel DVB-S2X & DVB-T2/C Receiver with TIVUSAT Card that has the possibility to use a tivusat and it seems compatible with T2-MI transmission. Can I use it to see the Italian channels on hot bird and the stream 20 ukrainan channels with T2-MI transmission on Astra 4A or are there limitations to do that? Are there any other option fit for my purpose or should I have two different receiver one for tivusat and one for those channels?
4 years ago
That receiver is not a Tivùsat certified device. It is claimed to be compatible with a Tivùsat smartcard and with the T2-MI multistream protocol, it is possible, but we ignore it. For Ukrainian FTA channels on 12188 H and 12341 H streams normally you will need a Linux receiver compatible with that protocol, hardware and software. Maybe there are some sold ready to use.
4 years ago
Thank you for your explanation. I found a Linux receiver that seems compatible with T2-MI: Edision OS MIO+ 4K S2X + S2/T2/C E2 Linux Satellite Receiver Gray. So, a type of receiver as this should be able to read that protocol. Is it correct?
3 years ago
I am trying to scan the channels on stream 10 and 20 but I cannot find any of the channels that should be contained there.
3 years ago
Which satellite receiver are you finally using?
3 years ago
Edision OS mio+ 4K. It allows for T2-MI and it seems to have all parameter to set but in the search it does not find channels both in manual and in automatic mode. The signal is strong other group of channels are caught but not these in the frequency 12188
3 years ago
I am using Edision OS mio+ 4K. It allows for T2-MI but on the frequency 12188H does not find any channel both in manual and automatic mode.
3 years ago
Someone knows how how to watch the channels on Astra 4A and frequency 12188H and 12341H using the receiver Edision OS mio+ 4K? It allows for T2-MI and it seems to have all parameters set, the signal is stron but after the search it does not find any channels on these frequency. Someone has any idea how to watch these channels?

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