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DigitAlb (Albanian platform on Eutelsat 16º E)


Eutelsat 16º East (main)
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13º East




Channel List

DigitAlb channel list

  1. 1
    Top Channel HD
  2. 2 FTA
    Top News
  3. 3
    T HD
  4. 5
  5. 6
    My Music
  6. ...

Frequency List

DigitAlb frequencies at satellites Eutelsat 16A 16º East and Eutelsat Hot Bird 13º East:

    Satellite   TP
Channels on transponder
• FTA channels are in green ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
• Encrypted channels are in black ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
TP Parameters
SR (kS/s)
and FEC

IF Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
 Eutelsat 16A10720 HSLO-TV3, HRT-TV4DVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
970 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A10762 HTop News, T HD, Stinet, Bang Bang, Film Aksion, Film Komedi, Ora News HD, RTSH 1, News 24, Channel One, BCTV Europe, RTK-1, EXP shkence, SS-7 HD, MTV Live HD, X1, Service IPKO A03, SuperSport Service 2, SuperSport Service 3, KTV, RTV 21, TV Dukagjini, RTV-21 MDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/5
1012 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A10804 HTop Channel HD, My Music, Cufo TV, Junior TV, EuroFilm, Film Autor, Film Hits, Film Thriller, Film Drame, Klan TV HD, ABC News, Klan Plus, Tema TV, EXP histori, EXP natyra, SS-5 HD, SS-6 HD, Melody.TV, Service IPKO A05, SuperSport Service 1, Klan KosovaDVB-S2 8PSK
29950 2/3
1054 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A10845 HFilm Nje HD, Film Dy HD, Family HD, FOX Movies, UTV News, Scan TV, IN tv, T7, City TV, Rrokum TV, STAR PLUS TV, Telesport, Travel Channel HD, SS-1 HD, SS-2 HD, SS-3 HD, SS-4 HD, Ndihma e Klientit, Travel Channel HDDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/5
1095 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A10886 HDisney Channel, FOX, Fox Life, Comedy Central Extra, Report TV, Alsat-M, Discovery HD, Nat Geo HD, 24 Kitchen, Animal Planet HD, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science HD, Discovery Turbo Xtra, SuperSonic TV, STV Folk, Folklorit, Dorcel HD, Stars XXX, Playboy HD, Animal Planet HD, Discovery Science HD, Discovery Showcase HD, Tribuna Channel, First TVDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/5
1136 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A11150 VPink FolkDVB-S2 8PSK
13268 2/3
1400 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A11262 HRTRSDVB-S QPSK
30000 2/3
1512 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A11303 HOBNDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 2/3
1553 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A11471 VBaby TV, ID Xtra HD, TLC, Fine Living, Eurosport 1 HD, Eurosport 2 HDDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1721 MHz L
Eutelsat 16A11637 HHistory ChannelDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1887 MHz L
1037 MHz H
Eutelsat 16A12542 VKlan Kosova, RTV21, KTV, Tribuna, First Channel, Dukagjini, RTV21M, Arta TV, Zico TVDVB-S2 QPSK
19970 3/4
1942 MHz H
Eutelsat 16A12596 VRTV MontenegroDVB-S QPSK
2848 2/3
1996 MHz H
Eutelsat 16A12639 HRTSH 1 HDDVB-S2 8PSK
10833 3/5
2039 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C10757 V4Fun.TV, STARS.TVDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1007 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E10815 HFashion One, Music Box RussiaDVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1065 MHz L
Hot Bird 13B10949 VCNBC PE HotDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1199 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E10992 VRai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai News 24DVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
1242 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11034 VROSSIYA24, CGTN, 2M Monde, Shanson TVDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1284 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11054 HDW (English)DVB-S QPSK
27500 5/6
1304 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11137 HTV5MONDE EUROPE, Al Jazeera English HD, NHK WORLD-JPN, Bloomberg European TVDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1387 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11179 HTVP PoloniaDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1429 MHz L
Hot Bird 13C11240 VFrance 24 (en Francais), France 24 (in English)DVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1490 MHz L
Hot Bird 13C11316 VRussia TodayDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1566 MHz L
Hot Bird 13C11334 HRTPiDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1584 MHz L
Hot Bird 13C11526 HSRF info HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29700 2/3
1776 MHz L
Hot Bird 13B11540 VTG NORBA 24DVB-S QPSK
22000 5/6
1790 MHz L
Hot Bird 13B11565 HEuronews English HD, TRT World HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29900 3/4
1815 MHz L
Hot Bird 13E11623 VERT World EuropeDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1873 MHz L
1023 MHz H
Hot Bird 13E11642 Hi24News HD English, RTL 102.5 HD, RADIONORBA TV, RADIOFRECCIA HDDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1892 MHz L
1042 MHz H
Hot Bird 13E11662 VTVR International HB, Radio Italia Tv HDDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1912 MHz L
1062 MHz H
Hot Bird 13E11681 HArte HDDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1931 MHz L
1081 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B11727 VAliceDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1977 MHz L
1127 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C11747 HSky News Arabia, AD SPORT1 HDDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1997 MHz L
1147 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C11804 VRai Sport, Rai Scuola, Rai Gulp, UNINETTUNO UNIVERSITY TV, Rai StoriaDVB-S QPSK
27500 2/3
2054 MHz L
1204 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B11861 HReal TimeDVB-S QPSK
29900 5/6
1261 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C11919 VTgCom24DVB-S QPSK
29900 5/6
1319 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12091 HFashion TVDVB-S2 8PSK
29900 3/4
1491 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C12111 VAl Jazeera, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera DocumentaryDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1511 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12149 VCCTV-4, CNC-001DVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1549 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12169 HÂïõëÞDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
1569 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12225 VVOA TV 100DVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1625 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12245 HItalian Fishing TvDVB-S QPSK
29900 5/6
1645 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12322 HBBC PersianDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1722 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12399 HDubai Sports 1 HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29700 2/3
1799 MHz H
Hot Bird 13B12476 HRT HD, Euronews Italian, RT Doc HD, SUPERTENNIS HDDVB-S2 8PSK
29900 3/4
1876 MHz H
Hot Bird 13E12597 VBBC World News, BBC Arabic TVDVB-S QPSK
27500 3/4
1997 MHz H
Hot Bird 13C12692 HBFM TVDVB-S2 8PSK
27500 3/4
2092 MHz H

Antenë parabolë satelitore + Kokë LNB Eutelsat 13E + 16E
DigitAlb Smartcard



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