Television Satelllite Channels


Bulsatcom (Bulgarian platform on Hellas Sat 39º E)


Hellas Sat 39º East




Channel List

Bulsatcom channel list

  1. 101
    12271 H
    BNT 1
  2. 102
    12463 H
    bTV HD
  3. 103
    12463 H
    Nova HD
  4. 105
    12271 H
    TV Plus
  5. 106 FTA
    12214 V
    Kanal 3
  6. 107
    12194 H
    TV Evropa
  7. 110
    12194 H
    Bulgaria on Air
  8. 178
    12194 H
    7/8 TV
  9. 190
    12271 H
  10. 191
    12271 H
  11. 201
    12463 H
    Sport+ HD
  12. 202
    12463 H
    bTV Action HD
  13. 203
    12271 H
    F Plus
  14. 204
    12463 H
    Eurosport HD
  15. 206
    12482 V
    Eurosport 2
  16. ...

Frequency List

Bulsatcom frequencies at satellites Hellas Sat 39º East:

    Satellite   TP
Channels on transponder
• FTA channels are in green ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
• Encrypted channels are in black ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
TP Parameters
SR (kS/s)
and FEC

IF Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
Hellas Sat 312194 H24 Kitchen, 7/8 TV, Action+, Animal Planet, AXN Black, AXN White, Bulgaria on Air, Destination BG, Eurosport, History Channel, Hobby Lov, NG WILD, Passion XXX, Penthouse, Perviy Kanal, Sport+, Tiankov Folk, TV EvropaDVB-S QPSK
30000 7/8
1594 MHz H
Hellas Sat 312214 VBalkanika, bTV Lady, Cartoon Network, Cinema+, City TV, Comedy+, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Docubox, Fen Folk TV, FEN TV, FightBox, Folklor TV, FOX, ID Xtra, Kanal 3, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Pink O TV, Planeta Folk, Viasat ExplorerDVB-S QPSK
30000 7/8
1614 MHz H
Hellas Sat 312271 HBNT 1, Boomerang, bTV, Crime & Investigations, DaVinci Learning, Diema, Discovery Channel, F Plus, Hobby TV, KinoNova, MagicTV, NOVA, Planeta TV, The Voice, TV Plus, Viasat History, Viasat NatureDVB-S QPSK
30000 7/8
1671 MHz H
Hellas Sat 312463 HbTV Action HD, bTV HD, Ekids, Eurosport HD, FilmBox Extra, Hobby TV HD, National Geographic HD, NG Wild HD, Nova HD, Planeta HD, Ring HD, Sport+ HDDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1863 MHz H
Hellas Sat 312482 VAXN, Baby TV, BHTV, BNT 2, bTV Action, bTV Cinema, bTV Comedy, CNN, Diema Family, Eurosport 2, FOX Crime, FOX Life, Hustler TV, National Geographic, Nova Sport, RING BG, Skat TV, TLCDVB-S QPSK
30000 7/8
1882 MHz H
Hellas Sat 212524 HAlfa TV, AMC, BNT 4, Bulgare, Discovery Science, DM Sat, Epic Drama, Evil Angel, Evrokom, FilmBox Stars, Fine Living, Mezzo, Movie Star, Nick Toons, Passion XXX2, TDC, Travel Channel, TV1000, VividDVB-S QPSK
30000 7/8
1924 MHz H
Hellas Sat 312565 HBNT 3 HD, Bulgaria 24, Diema Sport 2 HD, Diema Sport HD, H2, MAX Sport 1 HD, MAX Sport 2 HD, MAX Sport 3 HD, VH 1, VH 1 ClassicDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1965 MHz H



3 years ago
bruce woollard
yesterday i inquired for instalation of bulsat but was told it was not available to non bulgarians in kostenets by sales girl.is this now a policy of your company to discriminate other nationals in bulgaria,please reply as i would like to know your position on this policy
3 years ago
We are surprised that you are a foreign resident in Kostenets (Bulgaria) and you can't subscribe to Bulsatcom there, but we are SatExpat, not Bulsatcom, we only list TV packages, frequencies or channels available on satellites in Europe.
2 years ago
Stefan Stoyanov
I'm situated in UK . Can I install DAZN on my paket 110.....

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