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Vivacom, Bulgarian platform on Intelsat 38 45°E


Intelsat 38 45° East



Vivacom (Виваком)

Channel List

Frequency List

Vivacom frequencies on satellite Intelsat 38 45° East:

Channels on transponder
• FTA channels are in green ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
• Encrypted channels are in black ··· SD in normal letters ··· HD in bold
TP Parameters
SR (kS/s)
and FEC

IF Universal LNB
Low (9.75 GHz)
High (10.6 GHz)
11475 V360 Tune box, Antena 3, B1B Action, BG Music Channel, Code Fashion, Current Time, English Club, Eurochannel, Filmbox, Filmbox Arthouse, Filmbox Extra, HABERTURK, Hitmix, KANAL 7 Avrupa, Kitchen TV, MAX Sport 1 HD, MAX Sport 2 HD, MAX Sport 4 HD, Mediaset, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, NHK World, Nick Junior, Private TV, RTL, Show Max, TG Com, The World, Travel TV, TRT World, TV 3, TV 5 Monde, VH1 Classic, VIVACOM Arena HD, WNESS TV, XY Plus, Yaban TVDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1725 MHz L
11515 VAlfa TV, BH TV, Bloomberg BG, BSTV, Bulgaria on Air, Fight Network, NKTV Evrokom, NOVA, NTV Mir, NTV Pravo, NTV Serial, NTV Styl, PPTV, RTR Planeta, TVR International, VTKDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/4
1765 MHz L
11555 V24 Kitchen, 24Kitchen Adria, bTV, bTV Action, bTV Cinema, bTV Comedy, bTV Lady, CITY TV, FOX, Fox Adria, Fox Crime, Fox Crime Adria, Fox Life, Fox Life Adria, Nat Geo, NG Wild, NGC Adria, RINGDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 3/4
1805 MHz L
12520 VAXN White, Balkanika, Chasse & Peche, Cinemax, CNN, Diema Sport HD, Discovery Channel, Disney, Disney Junior, DW, Epic Drama, Fen TV, Gametoon HD, HBO, HBO 2, Hustler, ID, Jim Jam, KINO NOVA, Magic TV, MTV Rocks, Nickelodeon, Russian Travel Guide Int, Travel Channel, TV 1 Russia, TV 1000, TV1000 RKG, VH1, Viasat Explore/Brazzers, Viasat History, VIVACOM ARENADVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1920 MHz H
12560 V7/8 TV, Agro TV, AMC, AMS, Animal Planet, AXN, AXN Black, Baby TV, Boomerang, Box TV, Cartoon network, CI Network, Cinemax 2, DM Sat, DSTV, E-Kids, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Extreme Sports/VIVID TV, Fashion TV, FilmBox Plus, FLN, Food Network, HBO 3, History HD, Kanal 3, Mezzo, MovieSTAR, MTV, Nova Sport, Ribalka i Ohota, Russia 24, Show Turk, Sky News, The Voice, TLC, TNT, TV Center Int, TV Evropa, TV8, Viasat NatureDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
1960 MHz H
12600 VBen Movies Turk, bTV Action HD, bTV HD, Da Vinci, Diema Sport 2 HD, Dorcel HD, France 24, MAX Sport 3 HD, Nat Geo HD, NG Wild HD, Nicktoons, Nova HD, Nova Sport HD, Pyatnitsa TV, RING HD, TNT 4, Trace Sports Stars HDDVB-S2 8PSK
30000 5/6
2000 MHz H



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